Richard Welnowski of Compositing Expert, offers a solution to preserve the amazing quality of the Viper camera, but with easy workflow at fraction of the cost.  It is amazing! Just copy the files from CF card with Fire Wire 800 reader to your hard drive, place files on Final Cut Pro or Avid time line and start editing or play as a native file, with no conversion or rendering time.












Viper + flash XDR setup

The Viper camera was used in Kansas City for several projects including: three national commercials for Nickelodeon, Time Warner commercials, three films for National Geographic including Vietnam, Wilderness and Saipan, We the People print for IMAX in 4k… and more!

All of the above mentioned projects were very demanding for quality.  Shooting for compositing on green (blue) screen requires the highest quality footage with full uncompressed color space. The Richard & the Viper delivered, while saving money!  For example, National Geographic shoots allowed for zero to minimal lighting, fast portable setup, and instant visualization. Viper was also used to capture 56 episodes for LazyTown, an internationally recognized kids show, and the feature film No Network, a youth-oriented production shot in the remote Icelandic mountains.

Uncompressed Viper workflow is very demanding, due to the vast amount of data storage required.

To meet these standards, Richard implemented a high-performance Flash XDR recording system that captures the never-compressed HD-SDI output provided by the Viper camera. It uses world-class 4:2:2 full-raster (1920x1080i/p) in two modes:

  • MPEG2 CODEC, recording at bit-rates up to 100 Mbps or
  • I-frame only with 160 Mbps, similar as recording to film.

We can also record a non-processed Viper HD Stream (special only for Viper) delivering the highest quality and widest latitude for film and commercial work productions.

The result is complete freedom from motion-artifacts, mosquito-noise and keying problems.

Our tests of Master quality 100 Mbps Long-GOP or I-frame (only 160 Mbps) are visually excellent compared to uncompressed capture, preserving the wide color space latitude from the Viper 3CCD. The Flash XDR also includes superb 24-bit/48K uncompressed audio, with embedded or external mic/line and timecode inputs.

The Flash XDR can record in native Quicktime and native MXF file formats, so it can easily be used with a wide variety of editing systems such as Final Cut Pro or AVID.  All of this can be achieved in an almost one-man operation through Richard Welnowski & Compositing Expert!

We can also offer uncompressed 10 bit recording for the most demanding customers.

Sample frames and footage are available on request.

You will be amazed!

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