Richard Welnowski, EMMY AWARD WINNER, the founder of Compositing Expert, has over twenty years experience in image creating, compositing, and editing for professional and commercial work for film and video production.

Areas of expertise include video and film production using the state of the art technology including HD from its early introduction in 1988 up to today’s HD 24P.

Awards and Recognition:

PRIMETIME EMMY AWARD Winner for “Outstanding Achievement in Special Effects” for “The Orchestra” film for PBS, Canal Plus, NHK. Directed by OSCAR winning director: Zbig Rybczynski.

“The Orchestra” also received Prix Italia, Grand Prix at Festival in Tokyo and Hi Vision Award, Tokyo 1990.

“KAFKA” 1992  In this film Richard Welnowski created the greatest number of compositing layers (over 100 in each frame). This film broke the record for the longest virtual camera travel (over one kilometer) with an entirely artificial background. Directed by OSCAR winning director: Zbig Rybczynski.

“LazyTown” (Richard filmed a total of 56 episodes); the successful children’s show was awarded a BAFTA in 2006, was twice nominated for an EMMY, and was nominated for a BAFTA again in 2007.

No Networkhas received the following Awards 2008 & 2009


Richard as Executive Producer for No Network film has received following Awards.

CIFEJ Jury Awards at the Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival

GOLDEN SPROCKETS AWARDS at the SPROCETS International Film Festival for Children. TORONTO.

Golden Apple – The Spectator Prize for Most Successful Feature Film at ZLIN International Film Festival For Children and Youth. The Czech Republic

Special mention at the LUCAS Film Festival 2008, Frankfurt Germany

And a Special mention by the Don-Quijote-Preis der F.I.C.C.-Jury LUCAS Film Festival 2008, Frankfurt Germany

The best film in the competitive program of 5th Vilnius International film festival for children and youth by children jury Vilnius Lithuania

Special mention at the Nordic Film Days Lübeck, Germany

Best Feature Film No Network by the Children jury at 11th Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young people, Greece.

The Film has also been shown at:

Taiwan International Children´s and TV & Film Festival

Festroia in Setubla Portugal

10th Seoul International Youth  Film Festival 16

Cinekid Amsterdam 2008

Oulu Intl. Children Film Festival Finland

Chicago International Film Festival  USA

Le Carrousel international du film de Rimouski, Canada

Calgary International Film Festival, Alberta,Canada

Buster, Children Film Festival Copenhagen Denmark

London International Film Festival, London. UK

London International Film Festival for Children, London, UK

Cinekid í Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kölner Kinderfilmfest CINEPÄNZ, Köln, Germany

Gimli Film Festival, Gilmi CANADA

6th edition of IndieLisboa – Lison, Portugal

26th International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! POSNAN POLAND
PÖFF Children and Youth Film Festival “Just Film” in Tallinn ESTONIA.

Educational Experience:


Engineer of Science, Polytechnic University

From 1996, lifetime member of ZPAF (Artist Photographer Union in Poland). Status similar as graduate art institute in photography.

Studied music for six years, with basic and medium degrees.

Selected HD works and productions:


“Like Not Like About America” 12 minute documentary. Directed, Cinematography, and Edited by Richard Welnowski. Produced by Richard Welnowski and Cydney Millstein. Film was selected and premiered at America: Now and Here, Kansas City, a cross-country journey of art and ideas. The film represented a sociological study of selected residents of Kansas City, MO. Each person answered two questions: What do you like about America and what do you not like about America. Production time was 5 days to avoid bias answers influenced by social, financial or political events.


Lenticular Project Consultant. Consultingworkflow for one of the world’s largest 3D, Lenticular Life-Sized Panorama of 2nd Battle of Kernstown. This panorama is being produced for the Virginia Historical Society. Project associated with Wide Awake Films. Picture size 36 ft x 8 ft with over 100 layers of compositing, illustrating Civil War battle.

“Pennhurst” Feature film. Director of Photography. Film, directed by Michael Rooker, includes actors Michael Rooker, Heylie Duff and Beverly Mitchell.

Wroclaw Studios for Visual Technology Technical Director for one of the largest European Film Studio Projects to date. Project includes designing largest (in Europe) Blue Screen, three floors in height, Motion Control system including 75 ft linear track, Four-ton motion control tower and large rotating stage in film studio size 130,000 sq. ft. Design workflow for special effects in film productions.

Consulting for Kansas City Arts Institute new Digital Media program. Filming and editing several videos including KCAI student project murals for new Kauffman Art Performing Center.

Presentation and lectures at KCAI, Avila University, Art University in Wroclaw, Poland.

Architectural photography and archival printing. Architectural photography for various National Register of Historic Places nominations, Historic Preservation Certification Tax documents, Section 106 documentation and Historic American Buildings Survey for the National Park Service, Department of the Interior. Projects include the 19th Century Rotary Jail (Indiana, Iowa and Missouri) and the historic Pratt and Whitney Plant, Department of the Navy, Kansas City, MO.


Running For Life. Director, Cinematographer. Film and DVD project about marathon runners, including filming at Houston Marathon event, three-day interview with Billy Mills – gold medal marathon runner from Tokyo. Filming also in Germany and Austria with gold medal marathon runners.

Consulting for KCAI in new Digital Media program. Creating four promotional videos.


We The People, IMAX film – technical director. Filming all scenes with Viper on green backing for compositing into 3D computer generated background.Footage will be resized to 4k and printed on 65mm film for presentation in IMax theaters.The film scheduled to premiere this fall, portrays the events surrounding the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Bernstein Arpeggio – (in pre-production stage) director, concept, research and preparation: 56 min Visual Film, a presentation of the music and life of Leonard Bernstein. An imaginative fusion of musical performance, narration and striking visual imagery. Music by virtuoso classical guitarist Lucian Plessner will be featured.In cooperation with Leonard Bernstein NYC Office, Unitel Germany, Kansas City Public Television and others.


Test for IMAX, Thomson Viper FilmStream, DVS uncompressed recording, shooting on blue screen for 2k/4k compositing with 3D background.Output test in 2D and 3D for Imax film format.

December, Vietnam episode on National Geographic channel, air in HD

“Day Under Fire” National Geographic, Director of Photography, Three pilot episodes shot with Wide Awake Films from Kansas City, MO.

Wilderness Civil War battle scene in Virginia Viper, Clipster mobile setup is used. Temperature 96 deg. explosions, smoke a lot of people as war can be seen. Recording to Clipster in uncompressed mode. All visualization on set fully HD, producers and directors love this mobile setup.

Vietnam, X-Ray battle shot on location in Mississippi

Saipan battle scene on location in South Carolina

Test shooting for National Geographic,Viper Fim Stream mode, uncompressed 16:9 and 2.37:1 low light setup, hospital – Civil War.

Western Death Valley Viper test shoot, temperature about 100 deg, Arches in Utah. Film Stream 2.37:1 and 16:9 444.

No Network shooting movie completed end of January. April, first cut is done and footage moved to post production, compositing and special effects will be done in Iceland, grading in Germany. In movie theaters at the Christmas time.


November 2006 started Island-Norway production, 90 min feature film “No Network” Richard-as TD. The Digital FilmStream production, similar work flow as 35mm (no cables to the recorder) using Viper Film Stream camera in wide mode, Venom FlashPak, Clipster uncompressed disc recorder, Cine-tal monitor for on set LUTs and picture evaluation. The test, transfer Film Stream files to 35 mm film proved, the highest quality result outperforming traditional film.

September 2006 completed second season for LazyTown, 18 more episodes, the successful children show, Winner of BAFTA 2006 Award, presented already in 102 countries around the world. High end shooting with the latest HD digital film technology, motion control, real time compositing into 3D computer generated backgrounds.

Commercial, artistic visualisation for Detroit car show 2006, client Mercedes. Introduction for new Mercedes diesel, pollution free technology, BlueTek. A life artistic show include HD real time compositing; eight choreographed dancers dressed in blue and nature background composited on their bodies.

Director of Photography for 30 sec spot for Nickelodeon, “Backyardigans”, second promo, shoot in Kansas City, MO. HD shooting and compositing into 3D Computer generated background


Director of Photography for 30 sec spot for Nickelodeon, Lazy Town first promo, shoot in Kansas City, MO. HD shooting and compositing into 3D Computer generated background

30 sec spot for Nickelodeon, Director of Photography, Technical Director. This National spot was the first introduction for promoting Lazy Town merchandise. Technology. live compositing with ultimatte HD digital, Viper camera, and DVS Clipster for uncompressed HD recording…Work flow for this Spot started with animatics, where camera position and Computer Graphic was predefined for many layers of compositing in each frame.Spot awarded with Tally Award 2006

Technical consulting for a new generation of Lazy Town studios in Iceland, to shoot 18 more epizodes in 2006.

Promo “LazyTown” for Nickjr TV, Technical Director. For the summer of 2005 we have created more than 100 jingles to interract with kids during the broadcasting program. Find more aboutLazyTown production at for technical PR please check CompositingExpert-News


CompositingExpert in Iceland, one year shooting and live compositing for 36 epizodes for Lazy Town, Nickelodeon production. This show is rated as the top children show in USA and also 79+ other countries. Find more about LazyTown production at


Advertising spot for Italian circus “Zucchero” director

FC KOELN spots, ultimatte HD digital compositing for film , high end commercial shoot on blue screen, Viper camera directly to DF disk recorder.

“Perspectives” directing, cinematography, editing, 40 min. film shoot in Greece.

“SunGun” conceived and directed music video, CineAlta HD camera, shooting on blue screen with motion control system and motion tracking. Computer generated background and animated characters composited for super hyper surrealistic look.


Special lectures-digital film making at “Animation Campus” Munich, Germany

Collective photo exhibition in Wroclaw, celebration of 50 years ZPAF

Directing, shooting short comic films with Andrey Jigalov

“Looking Inside” ballet transformation, written for film by Richard Welnowski, First Prize in Prague at International Ballet Festival

“Mandana” -directing and cinematography, short TV promo for new song, presented by SAT1, RTL

HD-consulting, digital imaginery and HD projection was used as background for “Orpheus and Euredickie” students work for Academy of Art and Media (KHM-Cologne)


HD 24P spot for movie theaters. This was the first commercial in Europe to shoot directly to Directors Friend capturing unit.


“KAFKA” - Telemax, Les Editions Audiovisuelies
“CURTAINS” - opening sequence for “Tonight Show” for NBC


“MANHATTAN” - Zbig Vision and NHK Enterpreises USA, Inc.
“WASHINGTON” Zbig Vision and NHK Enterpreises USA, Inc.
“VH-1 JINGLES” VH-1 promo


“THE ORCHESTRA” - Zbig Vision and EX Nihilo, cooprod.NHK, Canal+, PBS
“GMF GROUPE” - Zbig Vision and EX Nihilo
“CAPRICCIO NO 24″ - TVE’s “The Art of Video”
“YOU BETTER DANCE” music video for “The Jets”, MCA Records
“COWBELL” music video for Takeshi Itoh, CBS Records


“BlUE LIKE YOU” - music video for Etienne Daho, Virgin Records